March 2005

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SnackFood & WholeSale Bakery

Utz Quality Foods, Inc.
Rick King, Jane Rice and Mike Rice

Cover Story
- Utz-standing
Despite a rugged snack food landscape, regional manufacturer Utz Quality Foods has done an “Utz-standing” job winning its daily battles and expanding in the marketplace.

Technical Feature
- Streamlined
With rapid expansion and lofty goals that are testing production capacity and threatening its efficiency, Utz Quality Foods, Inc., decided it was time for its plants to become streamlined. Find out how the company did it over the last few years.

Bakery Feature
- Edelveit
Bäckerhaus Veit Ltd. offers a breath of fresh air with more than 80 innovative varieties of artisan breads. Check out how this Canadian company is bringing Old World excellence to the market.

   Technology & Development   
Ingredient R&D
- Duking It Out
Which are more healthful for you — fruits or nuts? With new research pouring in and the new U.S. Dietary Guidelines on record, the winners are the bakers and snack producers who use them in their products.
- Whole Grains And Soy, Marvelous Maizewise and more...

Cutting Edge Equipment
- Seal In Freshness
Bakery and snack equipment companies are developing a wide variety of automated and semi-automated bag closing systems for snack and bakery foods operators of all sizes. Also, check out new automated systems for handling ingredients.
- From The Floor
- Cutting Edge

   The SFA Section   
Serving the International Snack Food Industry
- 2004 USPB/SFA Chip Trial Results
- Boost Snack Sales Through Merchandising
- Savory Snack Sales Climb In Europe
- Up And Down The Street
- Analyzing Baking’s Impact On Flavors

   Business & Marketing   
Editor’s Note
- Son Of A So-be
Find out why Wal-Mart’s top bread buyer isn’t eating any bread. It has Dan Malovany saying, “Son of a South Beach.”

Market Watch
- Filling In The Gaps
Through innovation and by rolling out super-premium desserts that rival their restaurant counterparts, the pie category is trying to make the popular holiday dessert less seasonal in the eyes of consumers.

Business Trends & Analysis
- Surviving Food Fads & Fad Diets
In our reformatted “news” section, columnists for SF&WB magazine explore how you can survive fad diets and fad foods and succeed in the long run.
- People On The Move
- Business Briefs
- Obituaries

New Products
- Little Debbie Marshmallow Treats, Pagoda Asian Sensations and more...

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