Chabaso Bakery Artisan Sandwich Breads

Company: Chabaso Bakery, New Haven, Conn.


Introduced: August

Distribution: Northeast U.S.

Suggested Retail: $3.79 for a 14-oz. loaf of Rustic White and a 16-oz. loaf of Oat, Multi-Grain, Rye or 100% Whole Wheat

Product Snapshot: Chabaso Bakery recently introduced five handcrafted artisan sandwich breads with the same authentic quality and all-natural attributes of its other artisan breads. Rustic White, Oat, Multi-Grain, Rye and 100% Whole Wheat have distinctly rich flavors; thin, crispy, slightly chewy, golden brown crusts; and soft, moist, airy interiors. All are made with wholesome, nutritious ingredients and most contain abundant whole grains. The 100% Whole Wheat loaf, for instance, is a good source of fiber with 25 g. of whole grains per slice. Rye and Multi-Grain have 9 g. and 10 g. whole grains per serving, respectively. The Rustic White loaf contains 1.22 mg iron per 50 mg. (about 1 1/8 slice).