What is the "it" that allows a company to thrive in a downturn economy? What is the "it" missing from the marketing equation spelling the devaluation and eventual sale of a retail chain? What does a company hope to gain by "buying" its way into and across the marketplace? Why do consumers' eyes light up when they talk about their favorite retailer or brand? 
The Hartman Group's "Brains vs. Brawn: The Magic of Marketing to a Cultural Movement" seeks to illustrate for marketers how the mishandling of cultural movements into literal, rationalized categories and marketing silos often leads to a lack of relevance for brands seeking to be seen as innovative. The company offers four traits common to cultural marketers as guideposts for others to avoid the typical pitfalls encountered when brands seeking to capitalize on emerging trends in the marketplace lose their way, are out of touch with their consumer base, and in general lack the ability to give contemporary consumers the something more they seek.