Stephanie Lopez, AIBI Certification Services

AIB International, Manhattan, KS, names Stephanie Lopez president of AIBI Certification Services. She replaces Gary Skrdlant, who retired Aug. 20.

Lopez’s appointment is effective Sept. 1. She will step down as AIB International’s vice president for food-safety services innovation.

In her new role, Lopez will focus on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) licensed products for clients of AIBI Certification Services, including tapping into additional expertise in Six Sigma business processes and ISO.

“GFSI auditing is one of AIBI’s fastest growing services, representing about 20% of all our food-safety-related revenue,” says Andre Biane, president and CEO of AIB International. “Stephanie Lopez has a proven track record as a leader in food safety, in addition to an advanced understanding of the regulatory and technical issues related to the GFSI schemes.”

Due to the importance and projected growth of GFSI in the global marketplace, Lopez is taking on this role at an exciting time. “As we expand our GFSI services in China and Japan—and elsewhere across the globe—it’s my goal to ensure that we continue to be competitive in the marketplace,” she says..

AIBI Certification Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIB.