AIB International Certification Services, Manhattan, KS, recently received ANSI accreditation to offer IFS audits and earned BRC’s esteemed five-star rating.

After a detailed and lengthy accreditation process, AIBI-CS is now approved to offer certification to the IFS Food Standard. It also is authorized to offer IFS PACsecure and IFS Logistics certification for the packaging, storage and distribution markets, and will be accredited later this year.

“AIBI-CS continues to expand our certification audit portfolio to offer a variety of certification options that align with our core industries,” says Stephanie Lopez, president, AIBI-CS. “The addition of the IFS audit scheme to our portfolio allows us to remain a competitive leading provider of GFSI certification audits and offer an increasing number of certification schemes for our valued clients to choose from.”

AIBI-CS also was recently awarded BRC’s five-star rating, the organization’s highest achievement for certification bodies. Of the 92 certification bodies across the globe currently listed in BRC’s performance rating directory, only 65 of those have achieved five stars.

“AIBI-CS is very proud of our BRC 5-star rating,” says Lopez. “This is not only an indication that AIBI-CS’ auditors are well-calibrated, but it also provides an added value for our clients. Customers that do business with a highly-rated certification body are less likely to have their certificates revoked or withdrawn due to procedure error by the certification body.”

AIBI-CS currently offers certification to the BRC standards for food, packaging and packaging materials, and storage and distribution.

For more information about AIBI-CS, visit or call 800-633-5137.