Ashworth Bros. Inc.'s ActiveTrack Baking Band tracking system

Company: Ashworth Bros. Inc., Winchester, VA


Equipment Snapshot: The design of Ashworth’s ActiveTrack Baking Band tracking system offers proactive and consistent bidirectional tracking of oven bands, ensuring improved product quality and longer band life.

The ActiveTrack uses high-temperature, self-cleaning, noncontact sensors to collect and analyze band speed and position data to make consistent, bidirectional adjustments to track an oven band to within ± 1/8 inch. To ensure optimal performance, the system is equipped with an integrated alarm system and external heavy-duty bearings and rollers with an adjustable center roll. The system has three rollers on the return path and two rollers for the load path of an oven. It’s suitable for use with all tight-woven, articulated and solid steel bands with a maximum width of 63 inches (1,600 millimeters). Wider widths require an engineering evaluation. Powder coating facilitates maintenance and offers corrosion resistance.