Company: Clabber Girl Corp., Terra Haute, IN


Ingredient Snapshot: Clabber Girl has introduced a new line of Non-GMO Project Verified baking powders for industrial ingredient customers. The line contains Clabber Girl and Rumford Non-GMO Baking Powders. Both brands offer an aluminum-free formulation that is made in the U.S.; is gluten-free, trans-fat-free, kosher and SQF Level 3 certified; and has a two-year shelf life. According to the company, Clabber Girl Non-GMO Project Baking Powder provides excellent texture, volume and crumb color; imparts small air cells for a “sponge cake” texture; and provides a controlled gas release. Common applications are refrigerated dough and batters, prepared mixes, cakes and muffins. Rumford Non-GMO Project Baking Powder is National Organic Program “Allowed Synthetic Materials” compliant, imparts a fine pore crumb structure for a tender mouthfeel, helps condition flour and provides slightly firmer doughs and batters, says the company. Common applications are batters and breadings used immediately after mixing with liquids and doughs containing rye flour