Company: Rytec Corp., Jackson, WI


Equipment Snapshot: The Turbo-Slide single-slide freezer door delivers the speed, energy-loss protection and durability high-volume freezer environments demand, says Rytec Corp. The door opens at a speed exceeding 60 inches per seconds, making it the fastest solid panel door on the market, according to the company. An innovative design featuring Flex-Panel proprietary technology enables the door to withstand accidental impact with easy realignment. A thermoplastic outer shell ensures impact resistance and durability, minimizing downtime and energy loss from panel damage. Totally closed cell ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam panels produce R-values ranging from R-17 (standard) to R-40, while an Armor Lock polyurethane elastomer perimeter edge seal keeps cold air in the freezer room by providing an airtight and watertight seal along all edges. A heated gasket system prevents icing around the opening, and a multilayered, PVC-coated, polyester fabric bottom sweep runs along the floor.