AB Mauri North America
St. Louis
Booth #113

AB Mauri North America is a relationship-oriented, technology-driven company that supplies the food and baking industries with best-in-class yeast and bakery ingredients. Commercial bakers in need of a total resource for quality ingredients, process optimization and custom formula solutions rely on AB Mauri. The company sells yeast under the Fleischmann’s Yeast brand name. An extensive line of quality bakery ingredients—including dough improvers, leaveners, tablets, mold inhibitors, enzyme blends, vinegars, acidulants, syrups, malts and specialty products—is marketed under the AB Mauri Bakery Ingredients brand name. The AB Mauri Supremo Tortilla System is a series of high-performing leavening, conditioning, preservation and extensibility modules that can be dialed up or down to reach the ideal thickness, softness, stretch and shelf life. Visit www.abmna.com for more information.


Arr-Tech Equipment II, LLC
Yakima, WA
Booth #508

Since 1983, Arr-Tech has been designing and producing the most versatile and reliable automated counting, stacking and packaging machinery for the baking industry. Using our modular equipment design, we are able to customize a system to fit within your packaging area. In addition, Arr-Tech offers multifunctional, integrated packaging systems, including: vision inspection/rejection systems—a tool to provide information about and to help manage the production process through detailed and automated reporting, improving quality, reducing waste and cost and increasing competitiveness; bagging, wrapping or multifunctional dual systems for both bagging and wrapping; inline bag sealing, as well as other package closure systems; case erecting and sealing systems. Whether your products are tortillas, frozen waffles or pancakes, pizza crusts, pita or flatbreads, Arr-Tech certifies that adding a time-tested Arr-Tech automation system will improve your bottom line.


BluePrint Automation/BPA
Colonial Heights, VA


Booth #425

With 35+ years serving the snack and baking industries, we have the most innovative packaging solutions for your tortilla lines. From stacking and loading to case packing, our solutions are flexible, fast and gentle on the product! We specialize in: vision-guided robotics, sophisticated DELTA robots picking individual packaged and unpackaged items for loading into your container, wrapper or HFFS machines, with applications including tortilla stacking, wrapper loading, variety pack/multipack, dinner tray loading and kit assembly; case and tray packing, providing horizontal and vertical case packing solutions for bagged tortillas and other flexible packages, including end-load cartoning and wrap-around case packing for your retail ready packaging; and turnkey packaging systems, solutions taking control of your packaging line from the end of processing through palletizing.


Brolite Products, Inc.
Streamwood, IL
Booth #326

Brolite Products is a leading manufacturer of baking blends for wholesale bakers. We custom blend products that will suit your unique baking needs. Knowing the industry and its constant changes, we evolve and expand to help bakers make products the industry wants. We work with our customers one-on-one to ensure they are receiving not only the best products but excellent customer service, as well. Working together, we create the perfect blend. At the TIA Convention 2016, we will be highlighting blends customized to your needs, including conditioners, preservatives, relaxing agents, natural and organic products, and more.


Bunge North America
St. Louis
Booth #524

As the largest domestic dry corn miller today, a capacity grown over 100 years, Bunge makes getting the food ingredients you need, when you need them, a straightforward experience. Our Silos de Oro line includes corn masa flours and a specialty shortening that increases tortilla shelf life by 18 percent. We also offer high performance fry oils, including high-oleic and expeller-pressed. Our customers benefit from Bunge’s high quality standards, from product development to final production, and technical support to improve quality, increase production or meet other opportunities. With Bunge, you can create your tortilla, tortilla chips and other offerings with confidence.


Clabber Girl Corp.
Terre Haute, IN
Booth #224

Clabber Girl, America’s leading producer of chemical leavening systems for home, foodservice and commercial bakers, is a long-time leader in the food industry. Clabber Girl offers expert solutions for leavening, low-sodium ingredients and micro-encapsulation for the baking industry. Continuing to innovate and find solutions for our customers, Clabber Girl is proud to announce a new line of Non-GMO Project verified baking powders under the long-trusted brands, Clabber Girl and Rumford. Visit us at TIA to learn more about our one-on-one technical support and customized service.


Heat and Control, Inc.
Hayward, CA
Booth #315

Corn expertise: Heat and Control corn products equipment features innovative technology developed through years of experience and expertise from installations at corn/tortilla plants around the world. Built for decades of reliable operation and low lifecycle costs, Heat and Control systems consistently deliver unique quality for each brand. From A to Z: From masa production to forming, toasting, conditioning, frying, seasoning and packaging, Heat and Control provides all the equipment and services required to make the highest quality corn and tortilla chips, taco shells, tostadas and tortillas.


JC Ford Co.
La Habra, CA
Booth #309

Since 1945, JC Ford has been committed to providing automated equipment and service to the growing tortilla and tortilla chip industry. Today, with the growing popularity of flatbreads around the world and tortilla chips being one of the fastest-growing snacks, JC Ford is helping the industry meet today’s challenges with greater automation and product expertise. It is this combination of state-of-the-art equipment and product knowledge that is providing the needed solutions around the world.


Lawrence Equipment
South El Monte, CA
Booth #401

Lawrence Equipment engineers and manufactures state-of-the-art equipment for the tortilla and snack industry. At the TIA Convention, we will be showcasing some of our recent innovations, such as the Accuview IV Quality Control Inspection system with data capture, Multi Servo Hartmann Bagger and Mega 6-row Corn Tortilla Sheeter. For more information, stop by our booth to speak to a representative.


Canton, MA
Booth #209

Reiser will showcase its versatile Vemag Dough Divider. The Vemag Dough Divider combines the highest levels of portioning accuracy, speed and product quality. It consistently scales exact-weight dough portions ranging from 5 g up to 20 kg and can easily produce tortillas of all sizes while virtually eliminating giveaway. The Vemag can also be used as a depositor to accurately portion fillings into burritos, taquitos, breakfast sandwiches and other similarly filled products. It deposits accurately and gently without mess and is ideal for any depositing task where placement and weight control are needed. Single-lane and multiple-lane options are available. All Vemags are designed for easy cleaning and total hygiene.

SensoryEffects, a division of Balchem
St. Louis
877-639-6002, ext. 4
Booth #300

SensoryEffects, a leading provider of value-added food and beverage ingredients, is comprised of five distinct business segments: Powder Systems, Flavor Systems, Encapsulates and Inclusions, Cereal Systems, and VitaCholine. SensoryEffects’ high-quality products span numerous application categories including powders, creamers, nutrients, juice and dairy beverages, frozen desserts, cereals, baking, confectionery and meat ingredients.


Solvaira Specialties
Keokuk, IA
Booth #201

Solvaira Specialties offers world-class service to the food ingredients industry, including a wide array of value-added precision blends, dry and liquid preservatives, and functional ingredients customized for tortilla manufacturers. Our BatchPak formulations assure superior results every time, giving you tortillas that exceed your expectations for quality, taste and customer satisfaction. Tested in our tortilla innovation lab, our formulations have been proven to improve taste, assure consistency and extend shelf life, while reducing error and waste. Whatever your tortilla need, we have a BatchPak blend for you: heart healthy, gluten free, premium table, clean label, organic, multigrain, low carb, reduced fat, low sodium, trans fat free, 100 calorie, whole wheat and traditional.


Santa Maria, CA
Booth #517

Taconic’s nonstick tortilla belts are tough enough to stand up to just about anything. We offer:

  • Durability
  • Optimal Release
  • Resistance to Oil/Grease Pentration
  • Temperature Resistance
  • Puncture Resistance

Taconic’s high-performance belts increase productivity by reducing the need for belt changeovers. Taconic provides standard and custom belts with a variety of splice options, including a fabric notch splice that eliminates the metal clip and utilizes a reinforced material with a special pin for joining.


Wire Belt Co. of America
Londonderry, NH
Booth #511

When processing tortillas and tortilla chips, you rely on your conveyors to keep everything in motion. Minimizing downtime is your main concern because minutes of downtime can mean thousands in lost profits. That’s why the conveyor belt you choose to run on your conveyors is of the utmost importance. Wire Belt Co. of America has been serving the conveyor belt industry for more than 70 years. Throughout this time, we have earned a reputation for the highest product quality, service and on-time delivery that is second to none. This year at the TIA Convention, Wire Belt will be highlighting two innovative conveyor belt products, our Versa-Link and Compact-Grid conveyor belts. Both of these conveyor belts are perfect for tortilla and tortilla chip processing. They offer the best in product durability, ease of maintenance and the high quality you have come to expect from Wire Belt Co. of America.