Crumbl, a cookie-focused foodservice chain known for its weekly rotating menu of desserts served in a pink box, will now offer its Minis cookies full-time for customers at participating locations. 

Baked fresh daily with premium ingredients, Crumbl's sweet treats have become popular among dessert enthusiasts. According to the company, the introduction of Crumbl Minis continues the bakery’s commitment to delivering exceptional taste and freshness with every bite-sized treat.

Beginning today, Crumbl will feature Minis on its menu each day in response to customer feedback requesting more versatile options for enjoying Crumbl’s freshly baked desserts.

"Crumbl values our customers' input immensely," says Graciela Chadwick, COO at Crumbl. "We encourage feedback through multiple channels including our Crumbl App on the Cookie Journal, where customers can directly influence our menu evolution, ensuring we continue to exceed their expectations."

According to Crumbl, customer satisfaction is paramount with company leaders. Crumbl is said to actively encourage and value feedback from consumers, believing it to be crucial in shaping the weekly menu and enhancing the overall customer experience. Whether through Crumbl’s user-friendly Crumbl App, social media platforms, or in-store reviews, Crumbl states that it strives to maintain open lines of communication to better serve the community of dessert enthusiasts.

Crumbl Minis are smaller versions of Crumbl’s signature offerings. Suitable for sampling the weekly rotating menu, they allow customers to indulge in a variety of flavors. Available exclusively in 3-Pack, 6-Pack, and 12-cookie Party Pack sizes, Crumbl Minis reportedly cater to both individual cravings and group gatherings, ensuring there's a size suitable for every occasion.

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