Company: Flexicon


Equipment Snapshot: A new TIP-TITE Bulk Transfer System from Flexicon moves material from boxes into a mobile bin with vibratory feeder that services multiple downstream processes.

All stainless steel construction allows handling of corrosive materials and/or wash down between runs of contamination-sensitive food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and chemical products. Casters mounted at the base of the bin allow it to be rolled away from processing areas for a complete wash down. 

Boxes measuring 36 to 48 in. (915 to 1220 mm) on a side and 39 to 44 in. (990 to 1117 mm) in height are loaded at floor level and raised hydraulically to seat against a discharge hood. The assembly is then hydraulically elevated and tipped, which mates the spout of the discharge hood to a gasketed receiving ring installed on the lid of the mobile bin.

The dust-tight connection allows opening of a pneumatically-actuated slide gate and discharging of material into the bin with no contamination of the product or plant environment, while permitting partially-empty boxes to be returned to the plant floor with no dusting.

Once the bin is rolled or forklifted to a downstream process, material flows through a pneumatically-actuated slide gate into a vibratory feeder equipped with eccentric weights for gentle, volumetric metering

Separate control systems—housed in NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X enclosures for wash down using steam, cleaning solutions and high pressure water—provide manual or automated control of all hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical functions

The system is also offered in carbon steel with durable industrial coatings or with stainless steel material contact surfaces.