Company: IOI Loders Croklaan

Ingredient Snapshot: IOI Loders Croklaan, a leading producer of specialty oils and fats developed for the bakery and confectionery industries, has announced the availability of SansTrans Roll-Rite Puff, a new, next generation lamination shortening. The SansTrans Roll-Rite Puff shortening, specifically designed for Puff Pastry applications, gives industry-leading lift and flaky texture to the end product which equates to maximum creativity in end-product design.    

A non-hydrogenated, PHO-free product, SansTrans Roll-Rite Puff provides customers an elegant, melt in your mouth texture, as well as a clean ingredient statement to offer manufacturers a market-friendly label. With optimal manufacturing qualities, such as excellent resistance to tearing as well as fine expansion qualities when baking, SansTrans Roll-Rite Puff results in a product with consistent, uniform layers without compromising dough integrity.

“SansTrans Roll-Rite Puff is a bakery innovation for puff pastry applications which we are very excited about,” commented Dr. Linsen Liu, vice president of research & development at IOI Loders Croklaan. “The shortening has been uniquely formulated and processed to strike a textural balance that delivers maximum functionality and allows for artisanal creativity,” Liu continued.  “We encourage our customers, and those interested in trying the product to visit our Creative Studio to receive hands-on training on how to best use this new innovation.”

To discuss your application or how SansTrans Roll-Rite Puff can improve your end product, visit to request your sample.