Company: Land O'Lakes

Ingredient Snapshot: Land O’Lakes, Inc. will unveil a new organic cheese powder, the newest product in the dairy ingredients category. The white cheddar cheese powder boasts a distinctly bold flavor and is made with certified organic ingredients. It debuts at the Institute of Food Technologist’s annual trade show in Las Vegas June 25-28.

“Consumers are increasingly looking for clean labels and organic certification to know exactly where their food is coming from,” says Susan Reed, principal scientist, R&D applications manager, Land O’Lakes. “Organic certification requires that we understand where every ingredient has come from to ensure that it is organic. We’ve done that with this product and we’re thrilled to expand our portfolio of high-quality cheese powders with this new organic offering.”

The new line includes three products at three different price points, each with different tastes, mouthfeel and levels of creaminess. All three varieties will be demonstrated at Land O’Lakes’ booth at IFT. Attendees are invited to take the Organic Cheddar Challenge by tasting all three powders on popcorn, the most popular application.

Other ready-to-eat applications include organic cheese curls, cheese puffs, potato chips, crackers and pretzels. The new line can also be used in food applications such as macaroni and cheese, soups or dips.

“Due to the rigor necessary to achieve organic certification, organic products tend to command a premium price point compared to their traditional counterparts,” says Reed. “We created three different varieties with delicious flavor complexities to provide options for our customers, no matter their budget.”

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