CX North America Information Services Inc. (CX North America) has announced that it is partnering with Canada-based EM Data Consultants Inc. to bring CX North America’s technology to that firm’s UFOS freight management solution. In doing so, UFOS customers will gain the enhanced real-time customer/carrier freight visibility that is “must have” functionality in today’s transport sector and a true “force-multiplier” for their businesses. The partnership agreement was signed on August 4, 2017 and became effective immediately.

CX North America’s freight visibility technology, available as a SaaS solution and mobile apps (CX North America Driver Mobile App and Freight Vision Mobile App), brings better visibility, agility, efficiency, collaboration and control to the freight management industry. The solutions allow a single view of a carrier’s network, whether in house or partner assets, on any desktop or mobile device. Thus, across the lifecycle of their transactions (from before pickup to after delivery), users possess precise information regardless of where the freight is and what carrier is transporting it. 

Hundreds of customers across North America currently use UFOS as their freight management system of choice. Beyond a powerful core application, customers can select from over twenty expansion modules designed to meet specific user needs. Built-in core functionality includes Rates & Quotes, Internet Tracking and Tracing, Document Management, Performance Reporting and Shipment Tracker. Expansion modules include UFOS Freight Broker Module, UFOS Trucking Module, UFOS Freight Forwarding and UFOS Warehousing Module, among others. 

Erick Marroquin, vice president, EM Data Consultants Inc., says, “Across our 20-year history we have distinguished ourselves in three ways: customer service, integration expertise and advanced technology. Our partnership with CX North America responds to these differentiators, giving UFOS customers even more control over their shipments and better communication capabilities via automation and driver interaction. More important, the technology integration will move our shipment status capability from a manual system updated only during business hours to a near real-time system that is updated automatically and available 24/7. We are pleased to partner with CX North America and thrilled to be able to offer our users the enhanced capabilities its technology delivers.”

Lyall Cresswell, president and CEO, CX North America, says, “Building this technology bridge brings together two very different solutions for one overarching objective: enhanced visibility. With this visibility comes the opportunity for more and better business opportunities and even greater customer support. Freight brokers and forwarders especially will gain a huge competitive advantage from this integration, allowing them to offer their customers many of the same services that the ‘big guys’ have. Knowing the pressures today’s firms face, we are thrilled to integrate our technology with one of North America’s premier freight management solutions and enable the kind of service offerings that level the playing field. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with EM Data Consultants.”