Introduced: August 2017

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1 (per 3-oz. package)

Product Snapshot: JOLLY TIME recently introduced four new flavors: Sweet Maple Pancake, Cinnamon Sugar Cookie, Birthday Cake, and Caramel Delight.

  • Sweet Maple Pancake is a brunch-inspired treat that you can enjoy on-the-go! JOLLY TIME Sweet Maple Pancake combines the taste of homemade pancakes, sweet maple decadence, and delicious crispy popcorn into one tasty treat. This popcorn is packed with flavor—no syrup needed.
  • JOLLY TIME Cinnamon Sugar Cookie puts a twist on the old-fashioned, quintessential cookie—and it’s not only for the holidays! Just the right amount of cinnamon sugar topping and buttery flavor complimented with a caramel note.
  • Colorful and sweet, JOLLY TIME Birthday Cake gives you a reason to celebrate every day! Made with light and airy popcorn, sweet vanilla glaze and the fun of pastel sprinkles, this super tasty recipe takes the cake.
  • With sweet caramel and just a hint of saltiness, Caramel Delight includes crisp, gluten-free popcorn kernels tossed with decadent caramel and real sea salt.