Continuing a 118-year tradition of pursuing the development of specialty supply chains and healthy ingredients, Bay State Milling Company has acquired a stake in MGM Seed & Grain of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

MGM Seed & Grain is building a state-of-the-art oat processing facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The plant is located in the heart of oat production in the Canadian prairies and will be a dedicated gluten free facility. The partnership with MGM provides Bay State Milling customers with a secure supply chain of gluten-free oat products including rolled, quick and steel cut oats as well as oat flour. All will be available in both conventional and organic forms.

The leadership behind MGM Seed & Grain has a long history in the pulse and grain markets in the Canadian prairies. This operational experience has provided MGM with a strong producer network across gluten-free crop rotations.

"Bay State Milling has been a great partner and we are excited about the potential to leverage their milling, marketing and distribution capabilities," comments Ron Blazeiko, president of MGM Seed & Grain.

Bay State Milling supplies a broad array of ingredients including wheat and rye flours, durum semolina, whole milled flours, ancient grains, edible seeds, grain and flour blends and sweet spices sourced through established supply chain partners around the globe. Our partnership with MGM Seed & Grain fills a critical gap by bringing gluten free oats into that product portfolio.

Looking forward, MGM Seed and Grain has the capability to process buckwheat further enhancing the company's supply chain strength on buckwheat groats and flour.

"We are excited about the opportunity to work with MGM Seed & Grain to develop a secure supply chain of gluten free oats. This venture underscores Bay State's commitment to provide healthy and flavorful ingredients to support the growth of emerging grain-based food categories," comments Walker Humphries, vice president strategic planning.