Company: BEX, Inc.


Equipment Snapshot: Bex, a manufacturer of eductors and spray nozzles for food and chemical processing applications, has introduced a series of eductors for tank mixing applications.

Bex mixing eductors are designed for tank immersion. Their unique venturi design enables smaller pumps to circulate very large volumes of tank solution.  Bex eductors take advantage of the surrounding liquid to create a high velocity flow yield at the diffuser. As a result, they circulate up to 5X the pump output - with a discharge plume broader than the jet from a solid stream nozzle of equivalent energy. Bex eductors with X" to 3" ports discharge up to 1410 gallons per minute at 50 psi.

Bex eductors mix and agitate without introducing air, steam, or contaminants into the solution. They have no moving parts and are engineered for continuous performance.

Bex eductors are manufactured in cast iron, 316 stainless steel, and polypropylene. Bex eductors are also manufactured in Kynar for applications demanding high mechanical strength, chemical inertness and thermal stability.

Bex eductors were engineered for the broadest range of mixing and blending applications; they are also well-suited for maintaining solution uniformity (temperature and concentration) within the tank, for suspending solids, and for sweeping debris toward a filter intake.

Tank size and shape, circulation pressure, and eductor placement and angle, all impact eductor performance. The goal is to identify the eductor that will deliver the best­ possible combination of velocity, temperature distribution and flow pattern, and to install so that circulation is uniform, and solution stagnation is prevented. To insure the best outcome, Bex provides expert applications assistance for OEMs, end users and and contractors, M-F, from 8-5 EST.