Company: Ozery Bakery

Introduced: April & August 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.99-$4.99

Product Snapshot: Ozery Bakery plans to launch many new products throughout 2018.

Vegan Brioche Bites and Buns have the same mouthwatering taste and indulgent texture as a traditional Brioche, but butter, milk, and eggs are replaced with plant-based ingredients. The result is a soft and fluffy brioche-style bread with a slight sweetness that is perfect for burgers or toasted with jam and a bite-sized version of is great for snacking or as a small complement to any dish. Like all Ozery Bakery products, Vegan Brioche Bites and Buns are non-GMO and free of artificial preservatives. They will retail for $4.49 - $4.99, and the first ship date is in April 2018.

Lavash Crackers are a wholesome and organic snack that not only tastes great, but are also hearty enough to stand up to any topping. They are available in four tasty flavors; Spelt, Multi Grain, Apple Quinoa and Cranberry Seed. Each cracker is individually wrapped for on-the-go convenience and will retail for $4.99 - 5.99, and the first ship date is in August 2018.

Snacking Rounds are one of Ozery Bakery’s most popular products, currently available in Muesli, Apple Cinnamon and Cranberry Orange flavors, and now Cocoa Banana and Cocoa Cherry. The Cocoa Banana has a great banana taste that is complemented by rich cocoa, while the Cocoa Cherry is slightly sweeter. Both flavors are made using real pieces of fruit, are non-GMO, and a great source of fiber. They will retail for $3.99 - $4.59, and the first ship date is in April 2018.