Company: Inclusion Technologies


Ingredient Snapshot: Introducing two more new confectionery driven flavors of our Bits-O-Flavor Flakes; 2053 Chocolate Mint and 2503 Vanilla. These allergen-free flavor inclusions deliver all the expected sensory attributes, but their crunchy texture is definitely the signature stamp. These premium inclusions can add instant impact to a wide variety of end-use products when used either topically or internally. The flakes are available in various mesh profiles and in both traditional and new clean-labeled (natural colors and flavors) versions.

The flakes can be used in in dry baking mixes (donuts and cakes), as well as topically, to add color and eye appeal, flavor, aroma, and texture (crunch). They are used on donuts, cakes, bars, and confectionery products, and are a very simple way to innovate and come up with line extensions or impactful LTO's (limited time offers) with unique colors and flavors.