Company: Miss Jones Baking Co.

Introduced: February 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.99-$2.49

Product Snapshot: Miss Jones Baking Co. continues its mission to transform the baking aisle by announcing its first-ever single serve treat, Desserts-in-a-Cup. The newest innovation from the millennial-favorite brand is served warm and fresh in just 30-40 seconds, while staying true to the Miss Jones Baking Co. promise of organic, better-for-you ingredients that you can actually pronounce.

Miss Jones Baking Co. brings the consumer trends of snacking, convenience and immediate, individual consumption to the organic baking aisle with these just-for-you desserts. Individually encased in thoughtful portions, Desserts-in-a-Cup are crafted in microwavable cups that take just 30-40 seconds to bake and contain 150-250 calories each, making it a guilt-free indulgence.

Miss Jones Baking Co. Desserts-in-a-Cup are available today on in three varieties:

  • Cake-in-a-Cup: Vanilla, Warm Double Chocolate, Confetti Pop and Chocolate Chip
  • Cookie-in-a-Cup: Gooey Chocolate Chip
  • Brownie-in-a-Cup: Fudgy Brownie

Founder and CEO Sarah Jones was inspired to create Desserts-in-a-Cup after continually searching for that right-sized sweet treat that would satisfy her picky sweet tooth without the chance of overindulgence or disappointment. Desserts-in-a-Cup were born of Sarah’s mantras of portion control and moderation to help satisfy cravings by empowering consumers with single-serve options—priced at just $1.99-2.49 each—that are free of regret, GMOs, artificial flavorings and dyes.

“It’s important to us, personally, to feel good about what we’re eating and feeding to our families and friends. It’s got to taste good! And it can’t have a ton of junk in it. We want to bring that homemade, from-scratch taste of Miss Jones to our consumers in an even more convenient way with microwavable Desserts-in-a-Cup,” said Sarah Jones. “I got into the baking business to disrupt the status quo with organic mixes and frostings. Our team has done that, and now it’s time for the next disruption.”

Whether you decide to sprinkle in trail mix and fresh fruit for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or top with ice cream and sprinkles for the perfect after dinner or after school snack, the customizable options are endless. These individual desserts are perfect for a little ‘me-time,’ or to have on hand at the office or on-the-go when a craving hits.

Miss Jones Baking Co. Desserts-in-a-Cup are available online at and will be available on Amazon Prime, at Whole Foods nationwide, and other select retailers this spring.