Company: Loacker


Introduced: April/May 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.29-$5.49

Product Snapshot: Global confections brand Loacker has announced the launch of two new flavors, Blueberry Yogurt and Vanilla Ice Cream. The new products were unveiled publicly at ISM, during the annual International Marketing Meeting Gala and at the Winter Fancy Food Show.

Blueberry Yogurt captures the essence of freshly-picked blueberries combined with creamy yogurt and light, crispy wafers. This new addition to the wafer range boasts an indulgent cream filling for a fresh and fruity taste experience.

Vanilla Ice Cream is a refreshing taste of summer. The all-natural wafers are made with essential oils from Sicilian lemons, real lemon juice, cocoa and Bourbon vanilla pods.

New flavors Blueberry Yogurt and Vanilla Ice Cream join existing flavors Raspberry Yogurt and Ice Cream Wafer Lemon to create a powerful, summer-themed foursome. Loacker plans to launch a major, onmi-channel campaign surrounding the summer flavors during the upcoming Sweets and Snacks Expo.

Both Blueberry and Raspberry yogurt flavors prove to be on-trend with the exploding popularity of the yogurt category.

Loacker’s ice cream flavors uniquely create a new consumption opportunity as the thicker-than-usual wafers presents a tasty alternative to using a spoon. Consumers are encouraged to “ditch their spoons” and instead enjoy scooping their favorite ice cream, sorbet and gelato with these specially designed wafers.

The brand’s ongoing commitment to using only the freshest ingredients is shown through their Guarantee of Quality. No colorings, preservatives or hydrogenated fats are ever used. Loacker continues to provide consumers with better-for-you snack offerings through its ever-expanding product line.