Siemer Milling Company recently opened a new, 8,000 square foot Technical Center, located adjacent to the Teutopolis, IL company office. The Center incorporates an expanded, upgraded Research & Development (R&D) Laboratory and a Wheat Test-milling facility, plus meeting, conference, and office spaces. Creation of the Center involved the complete renovation of a century-old mercantile building; coincidentally, the store was built by Clemens Uptmor III, the son of one of the partners in “Hope Roller Mills, Uptmor & Siemer, Prop.,” that later became Siemer Milling Company.

The Center allows for enhanced sharing and learning for product innovation. The R&D Lab was designed to enable Siemer to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations, and identify novel solutions to marketplace challenges. The Lab is well-equipped, with a controlled environment for consistent, accurate test results.

Siemer’s ingredient research process addresses the characteristics of flavor, texture and mouthfeel, functionality, and stability on-the-shelf and in-process.  A new sensory testing area in the Center allows for deeper and wider evaluations on products under development. The extensive Lab set-up enables Siemer food scientists to conduct broader testing to determine performance parameters.

Siemer Milling Company makes grain-based food ingredients that are wholesome, nutritious, and satisfying. These include wheat flour for a variety of baked goods and baking mixes, as well as naturally-modified ingredients providing functional clean-label solutions.