At its foundation, IBIE, the International Baking Industry Exposition—commonly known as the Baking Expo, and the Western Hemisphere’s largest baking industry event—is committed to connecting and growing the global baking industry. The efforts to advance the industry extend far beyond the IBIE show days in Vegas. As the only non-profit event in the industry, IBIE’s executive committee is always working to serve the greater good. One way we do this is by reinvesting trade show profits through a variety of channels, resulting in widespread benefits. From our support of the Grain Foods Foundation’s consumer education efforts, to our financial aid for AIB’s workforce development initiatives, and our general commitment to improving food safety and sustainability, we’re giving the grain-based industry a heart. We’re helping people lead healthier lives. And we’re making a significant impact on the future of baking professionals. That’s something we can all take pride in.

Take a look at just a few of the ways IBIE has reinvested in the industry growth and success over the past decade, with the below infographic.

IBIE infographic