Company: Base Culture

Introduced: March 2019 (available May 1st)

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.99

Product Snapshot: Base Culture, a baked foods company using innovative techniques and simple ingredients to create rich and flavorful Paleo and gluten/grain-free and Non-GMO products, will debut their newest flavor and product innovations at 2019 Natural Products Expo West Show, Booth #N1930.

Base Culture is revolutionizing the way consumers look at baked goods by offering a variety of great tasting products made from premium, clean ingredients for customers looking to live a healthy/active lifestyle. Consumers are embracing Paleo/gluten/grain-free/Non-GMO/Kosher products for a variety of reasons, including physical well-being, food sensitivities and sustainability, and Base Culture is at the forefront of creating products that are satisfying this demand without sacrificing on taste. Base Culture products are convenient solutions for customers looking to live a healthy/active lifestyle.

“Our mission has always been to provide consumers with a different way of looking at life and we are doing so by providing them with clean, healthy and crave-able products ,” said Jordann Windschauer-Amatea, CEO & founder of Base Culture. “With each step of the process done under one roof and in-house, we make it a point to embrace quality ingredients to ensure that quality of their products is properly controlled and held to the highest of standards.

Base Culture believes in connecting you to your inner self, which is why they've added two CBD-infused sweets to their lineup. The new CBD Infused Brownie and CBD Infused Blondie will each contain 25MG of CBD isolate infused with coconut oil to help you snack your way to achieve your wellness goals. Made with simple ingredients such as almond and cashew butter, these new CBD baked goods are also non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher and paleo certified to help promote a healthy and all-natural lifestyle.

The CBD Brownies and Blondies will be available nationally but as of the moment is only available on the Base Culture website.