Company: Flowers Foods

Introduced: March 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.79 (6-count single serve), $2.99 (9.5 oz. bag)

Product Snapshot: Tastykake, a Philadelphia snack favorite for more than 100 years, is partnering with another Philly icon, Bassetts Ice Cream Company, to launch Cookies and Crème Mini Donuts, the first offering from Tastykake Scoop Shop, an ice cream-inspired line of sweet snacks. The Scoop Shop line features fan favorite ice cream flavors in sweet snack form and will be launched in two phases, the first hitting shelves today, with phase two planned for late April.

“The Tastykake team cannot wait to share the Scoop Shop line with our sweet loving fans,” said Tastykake brand manager Ashley Hornsby. “For more than a year, our bakery team has dedicated themselves to developing this line to help “Make Happy Happen” for our consumers, and we think we’ve found recipes that do just that. Consumer insights helped dictate what ice cream flavors and snack items to include in the Scoop Shop line ensuring the most enjoyment for our fans.”

Leveraging trends in the snacking category, Tastykake Scoop Shop explores the crossover of two sweet snacks by borrowing flavor and forms from different categories. The first Scoop Shop item, Cookies & Crème Mini Donuts, blends one of the brand’s top-selling product types with a proven favorite ice cream flavor. Phase two combines mint chocolate chip ice cream flavor with a creme-filled cookie for the Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich. The new treats create a fun snacking experience that ice cream and sweet snack lovers will appreciate.

To help celebrate the launch in its hometown, Tastykake will partner with another Philadelphia icon and the nation’s oldest ice cream company—Bassetts Ice Cream—a full-service frozen dessert distributor. With more than 250 years of combined history in the City of Brotherly Love, the two brands will help locals and visitors alike cool down their spring fever with a selection of limited-edition milkshake menu items using Scoop Shop items as ingredients. The shakes will be sold at Bassetts’ original retail location in Reading Terminal Market starting March 22. The parlor, which still boasts the original marble countertops, is owned and operated by the founder’s great grandsons.

Scoop Shop Cookies & Crème Mini Donuts are available everywhere Tastykake is sold for $2.99 per 9.5oz bag or $1.79 for the six-count single serve option. These tasty twists on classic treats provide the perfect indulgence to kick a craving or enjoy just for the fun of it. Visit or for more information.