Company: Material Transfer

Equipment Snapshot: Discharging bulk bags containing material that has solidified, hardened, or agglomerated can be extremely difficult, dangerous, and time consuming if the proper equipment is not utilized.

System features a patented pivoting conditioning arm design that eliminates performance and maintenance issues found in opposing compression plate units and provides up to 261 percent more force than others for deeper material penetration, and maximum conditioning results.

The operator loads the bulk bag to be conditioned into the unit via forklift and activates the PLC controlled automatic conditioning sequence. System’s tubular steel pivoting conditioning arms penetrate deeply into the material for more effective results than traditional vertical sheet metal compression plates while the rotary lift table properly positions the bulk bag for complete material conditioning.

The large color operator interface allows easy access to proprietary bulk bag and material conditioning parameters, full recipe management functions, system status, and manual mode controls. Unit features an ultra compact footprint and full machine guarding for operator safety. Call (800) 836-7068 to maximize your plant productivity.