Company: Sweet Green Fields, Tate & Lyle

Ingredient Snapshot: Sweet Green Fields (SGF), one of the largest fully integrated global stevia ingredient companies, and Tate & Lyle PLC (Tate & Lyle), a global provider of food and beverage solutions and ingredients, build on the two companies’ industry-leading track record of new product innovation with the introduction of ZOLESSE Natural Flavour.

ZOLESSE, a new natural flavor (per FDA definition), supports an effort to help food and beverage manufacturers deliver great-tasting products that meet ever-growing consumer demand for clean label ingredients, all at an optimized cost compared to alternatives.

“As consumers’ preferences change, we develop ingredients and solutions that meet those evolving consumer needs,” said Dean Francis, Chief Executive Officer for SGF.

Non-GMO Project Verified ZOLESSE is a glycosylated stevia extract that labels as natural flavor, enabling manufacturers to keep a short ingredients list.

According to the Innova Market Insights March 2018 report, On-Trend Reformulation: Going Clean Label – Tipping Point for a Trend, consumers are looking for food and beverage products that have a cleaner label, meaning the ingredients lists are as short as possible and do not contain items consumers don’t recognize or perceive as artificial or chemical in makeup.

“ZOLESSE is a true formulator-friendly flavor solution,” said Dr. Mel Jackson, chief science officer for SGF. “It eases the concern of formulators who believe consumers may be sensitive to stevia products when reading ‘steviol glycosides’ or ‘stevia extracts’ on the label. Plus, ZOLESSE™ creates no application hurdle, since it has a negligible effect on the original taste of the products.”

ZOLESSE Natural Flavor also has a great synergy with other stevia products; and when used together, ZOLESSE helps reduce bitterness, lingering and provides a more sugar-like taste. In addition to working well with stevia, ZOLESSE can also be used with monk fruit extract and sugar, enhancing sweetness intensity.

“ZOLESSE is the perfect addition to our combined portfolio of stevia products,” said Francis, referring to the unique partnership with Tate & Lyle established in 2017. “Together with Tate & Lyle, we are creating the complete toolbox of clean label solutions for use across food and beverage categories. We’re proud to introduce ZOLESSE™ Natural Flavor, continuing to uphold this promise.”

ZOLESSE Natural Flavor is available in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia and anywhere that FEMA GRAS flavors are accepted.