Company: Geefree

Introduced: July 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $6.99

Product Snapshot: GeeFree Foods, a fast-growing food manufacturer specializing in all-natural, frozen, gluten-free puff pastry products, has introduced its Bagel Puffsin three varieties:

  • Everything-On-It (salt, sesame, onion and poppy seeds)
  • Cinnamon Raisin 
  • Plain

Each Bagel Puff is filled with plain cream cheese surrounded by a blend of GeeFree’s signature puff pastry dough and bagel dough.

Bagel Puffs come six per box, are free of corn, soy and are Non-GMO Certified.

A serving size consists of two 1.1 ounce puffs and contains approximately 250 calories.