Company: Layn


Ingredient Snapshot: Layn Corp. has introduced new natural extracts.

Layn’s industry-leading portfolio of functional botanical ingredients provides targeted health benefits and optimized performance for use in food, beverage, nutraceutical, personal care and animal nutrition products.

Layn demonstrated and provided prototype samples of its premium-quality plant-based sweeteners and functional botanical extracts. The company will showcase its natural extracts with functional properties, such as antioxidants, energy boosters and flavoring modulators.

“We have developed a proprietary line of sweeteners and unique portfolio of functional botanicals that allow brands to enjoy the benefits of naturally sourced functionality without the bitterness traditionally associated with many of these botanical ingredients,” said Elaine Yu, president of Layn USA. “Layn also meets today’s consumer demands for clean label, easily understandable ingredients, and products that have functional capabilities without sacrificing convenience and taste.”