Company: Dewey's Bakery

Introduced: June 2019

Distribution: National

Product Snapshot: Since 1930, in the foothills of North Carolina, Dewey’s Bakery has been baking the tastes synonymous with celebration. The original recipes, clean ingredients and unique flavors created by the bakery have long been a favorite among customers throughout the southeast. Now, Dewey’s Bakery will introduce a new lineup of decadent, Southern-inspired cookies and crackers across the country. The new products can be tasted at Booth #5306 at the 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show.

“Our Soft Baked cookies are now available in many of the nation’s finest food retailers,” said Scott Livengood, CEO and owner of Dewey’s Bakery. “Think of our Soft Baked line as cookies reimagined, with iconic taste treats reintroduced in the form of All American cookies, including Lemon Bar, Triple Chocolate Brownie, Old Fashioned Glazed Doughnut, Cinnamon Bun, and Southern Style Chocolate Chip made with real brown butter.”

“Our new soft-baked cookies were specifically intended to evoke happy memories,” Livengood said. “And we’re proud to be able to introduce a beloved Winston-Salem institution to the rest of the USA.”

The new collection of soft baked cookies from Dewey’s Bakery consists of five unique flavors perfect to make any moment special:

Lemon Bar - When life gives Dewey’s Bakery lemons, they grab the brown sugar and get to baking.

Dewey’s Bakery classic lemon bars have been a favorite in its Winston-Salem, N.C. bakery for generations. These Lemon Bar Cookies blend cold-pressed Meyer Lemon Oil, lemon zest and brown sugar for a sublimely tart treat bursting with citrus flavor. The bakery then finishes each batch with a dusting of powdered sugar for a delicate sweetness that offers the perfect balance to the bright lemony flavors that have made this dessert a Southern classic.


Triple Chocolate Brownie - It's that licking-brownie-batter-right-from-the-bowl kinda cookie.

The sweet abundance of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate in Triple Chocolate Brownie Cookies will make you feel as though you’re savoring a Dewey’s Bakery brownie fresh from the oven. To achieve a deliciously deep chocolate flavor, they’re baked with decadent semi-sweet chocolate morsels and a blend of two premium cocoa powders. Your chocolate cravings have met their match!


Old Fashioned Glazed Doughnut - Taste that will drive you glazy.

Who can resist a good old fashioned doughnut? When Dewey’s Bakery first opened in 1930, the store was filled with rows of these freshly glazed treats each morning. Inspired by the original recipe, this soft, chewy cookie is reminiscent of a classic doughnut in all its sugary glory – right down to the mouthwatering glaze on top. Warm one up in the microwave for eight seconds for ooey, gooey perfection!


Southern Style Chocolate Chip Made with Brown Butter - Dewey’s Bakery bakes with brown butter to make its batter better.

These soft, chewy cookies prove that the best things in life are worth waiting for. Dewey’s Bakery takes the time to make butter even better, slowly browning it to develop a toasted flavor. Using this caramelized base, they add scoop after scoop of decadent semi-sweet chocolate morsels, dark brown sugar, and pure vanilla to create this delightfully indulgent cookie.


Cinnamon Bun - A good excuse to eat dessert for breakfast.

Who says you can’t eat cookies for breakfast? If you visit Dewey’s Bakery in Winston-Salem, NC first thing in the morning, you’ll smell the irresistible aroma of warm cinnamon buns just out of the oven. These delightful cookies capture the taste of their tantalizing treats, right down to the sugary-sweet glaze on top. Pair one with a cup of coffee for a sweet way to start or finish your day. Warm one up in the microwave for eight seconds for ooey, gooey perfection!


In addition to its soft-baked cookies, Dewey’s Bakery is also introducing a line of Premium Snack Crackers and Moravian Style Cookie Thins at select retailers nationwide. Baked with highest quality ingredients, the new crackers feature flavors inspired by traditional Southern cuisine, including Sharp Aged Cheddar, Chipotle Cheddar Cornbread, Carolina Style Barbecue and Tomato Basil, which conjures memories of grandma’s tomato pie. Moravian Style Cookie Thins feature remarkable and unexpectedly intense flavor for such a thin, crisp cookie. Flavors include Meyer Lemon, Brownie Crisp. Triple Ginger, and Salted Caramel.

The complete Soft Baked Cookie, Premium Snack Cracker, and Moravian Style Cookie Thin collections from Dewey’s Bakery are crafted with real, simple ingredients, and are free of artificial flavors, synthetic colors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), and hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.

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