Company: Bradman Lake Group

Equipment Snapshot: To see how Bradman Lake is taking a fresh approach to packaging technology for the baking industry, visit booth 7729 at the IBIE, Las Vegas, September 8-11 where you can see the latest high speed, fully integrated, BS420 Bread Slicer and the IBPRO Bread Bagger.

This packaging line is extremely efficient, space-saving and incorporates hardwearing components. It is an all in one slicing bagging machine that reduces downtime and product waste, and incorporates an extremely innovative automatic slice thickness adjustment.

Also on display will be a HS Mini Carton/Tray Former linked to a RA60 Right-angle Carton Closer, the ultimate top load cartoning line for applications with limited floor space.

All of the equipment is delivered and supported by award-winning customer service from Bradman Lake Inc. in Rock Hill, South Carolina which has been manufacturing and servicing packaging machinery for more than 30 years.

The company standardizes, where feasible, on common Allen-Bradley® servo components for precision motion solutions, making customers’ spares inventory far simpler.

Videos and presentations will be available at the booth to demonstrate how Bradman Lake provides true, single-source turnkey packaging systems to the baking industry from Process to Pallet. Bradman Lake has delivered its scalable solutions based approach to thousands of installations worldwide, initiating major technology innovations to exceed ever-increasing demands for speed and accuracy in the production of bakery products, bread, bagels, biscuits, cakes, crackers, snacks and nutritional bars throughout the world.

Equipment Features:

BS420 & IBPRO Bread Packaging Line

The adjustable-slice-thickness BS420 bread band slicer is capable of accurately slicing loaves of bread up to 70 packs per minute, with the slice thickness capable of being changed quickly and easily via the HMI touchscreen.

BS420A Slicer

The product is under full control thanks to adjustable top, bottom and side belts and the machine can be adjusted for either blade on center or slice on center, giving users the maximum amount of flexibility.

Depending on the product being sliced, blade scrapers and a smart blade-oiling system option are available. The BS420 can be fully integrated into the bakery’s cold bread conveyor system or Bradman Lake’s range of Bread bagging machines, including the IBPRO.

In operation, bread is fed from the slicer via a servo-driven synchronizer onto an inline infeed. An overhead paddle system then smoothly accelerates the bread into the bag – allowing for speeds of up to 70 packs per minute to be achieved.

IBPRO Bagger

The IBPRO can be equipped with a half-loaf infeed and is capable of bagging both tinned sandwich bread and artisan style products.

A wide variety of bag sealers can be positioned on the discharge of the machine giving the bakery complete flexibility.

This bread packaging line features ergonomic controls that allow one operator to control two machines.

The IBPRO is the company’s latest generation bread bagging machine. It is the world's most advanced bagging system available today.

Collations & Products beyond those shown are available, i.e. bagel & bun wrappers and baggers, etc.


For IBIE 2019, the Bradman Lake IBPRO bagger will incorporate a Burford Smart Servo Twist Tyer. The Burford model 2200M delivers the #1 consumer preferred closure and offers automatic timing, modular design, package recognition, easy threading, at up to 100 bags per minute with no down time needed for lubrication.


HS Mini Carton/Tray Former & the RA60 Right-angle Carton Closer

The HS Mini and RA60 packaging line is simply the perfect solution for limited floor space applications.

The ergonomic modular design provides the ultimate flexibility to handle a wide range of carton formats and sizes that can be rapidly adapted to specific requirements enabling our customers to easily meet the demands of the fast-changing markets at any time in the future.

The core competence of the system is its unique capability for seamless future integration with Bradman Lake innovative loading equipment in order to achieve full automation and yet retain initial capital savings.

The Bradman Lake HS “Mini” carton and tray former has been introduced to the market due to an ever-increasing demand for carton forming machinery that occupies minimal floor space. Its compact footprint is nearly half the size of traditional carton formers, yet it retains the same valuable features found in the Bradman Lake HS Former design platform. These features include: forming rates up to 60 cartons/trays per minute, quick changeover, and an Allen-Bradley control platform. Every machine is supplied ready for production as a stand-alone unit or as an integrated piece of a Bradman Lake packaging system.


HS Mini Lock Former

Tooling Flexibility: The HS Mini can be tooled to erect different styles of lock and glue form cartons and trays, ranging from standard three flap or front flap cartons, turn-over-end cartons, to hooded lid cartons, as well as shelf ready display style cartons that include atypical shapes associated with seasonal products.

The carton former on display will be tooled to lock erect three flap cartons.

The RA60 Right-angle, three flap carton closer retains Bradman Lake's FCC Flexible rubber fingers that allow for cartons containing a product of inconsistent size, protruding above the carton base, to be closed without jamming.

It features a tool-less size changeover which significantly reduces downtime and increases productivity for customers that run several different carton sizes.