Company: Stäubli


Equipment Snapshot: Stäubli will present a variety of options for food processing and packaging solutions at the International Bakery Industry Show in Las Vegas, Sept. 8-11.

Automated solutions in the bread and baked goods sector are on the rise. Robotics offers new options for traditional operations that handle recurring heavy loads with high repeatability. Robotic arms now make it possible to maintain better control over the product even during proofing, score bread in any fashion while maintaining its shape and handle soft or fragile breads all while maintaining the product’s properties. 

Stäubli (booth # 7623) will showcase its FAST Picker TP80 with the H1 option, demonstrating its industry-leading capability of up to 200 picks per minute with macaroons, which it will pick off the conveyor belt and skillfully position the product into trays.

“Using tracking with a vision system and conveyor encoders allows the FAST Picker TP80 to efficiently and accurately sort the product into trays,” said Sebastien Schmitt, robotics division manager, Stäubli North America. “By adding 3D vision systems you are able to work through a complex sequence that includes quality assurance aspects as well as arranging the product to look attractive in the tray. In addition, can also help maintain uniform pack weights.”

The H1 designation signifies the use of food-grade oil. In contrast to competing products in which the use of class NSF H1 lubricants adversely affects performance, the TP80 can continue to operate without any impairment, which is rare for robotic process automation.

SCARA redesigned for food applications

Stäubli’s TS2 60 will illustrate a multi-pick and case-packing application.  The completely redesigned 4-axis machine with proprietary JCS drive technology facilitates ultra-short cycle times and high repeatability. It also has a revolutionary encapsulated design, which opens up new possibilities for use in sensitive environments, for the first time reaching an IP65 rating. 

“There is no external bundling of cables and no irregular contours, and the new TS2s feature a completely sealed housing,” said Schmitt. “The quill has an option, which can protect with a cover and is affixed with special screws and concealed connections that can be housed under the robot pedestal. The TS2 offers the latest and greatest in hygienic design.” 

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