Company: Cheesepop

Introduced: September 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.49-$3.99

Product Snapshot: Cheesepop food group, a Dutch manufacturer of popped cheese, introduces a new Cheesepop variety: GOAT! After having launched Cheesepop Gouda and Emmental some time ago, and Cheddar recently, Cheesepop now also launches Cheesepop Goat.

Cheesepop is a ready-to-eat snack made of 100 percent cheese. It’s vegetarian, gluten-free and carbohydrate-free. Next to that, it’s a natural source of protein and calcium. This makes the product very suitable for a wide target market with specific dietary requirements. Next to the application as cocktail snack, it can also be used as crouton for salads and soups.

The brand Cheesepop was launched in 2014 on the Dutch market, with Holland’s most popular cheese variety, Gouda. Shortly after, the German market was entered successfully, and the demand for a second cheese variety arose; Cheesepop Emmental became part of the Cheesepop family. In 2017, Cheesepop food group expended rapidly with these two Cheesepop varieties; many new markets were entered. Especially in Europe and the USA consumers recently started to ask for another variety; Cheesepop Goat.

With this and more new Cheesepop varieties on the way, Cheesepop food group can continue its growth around the globe.