Company: Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

Ingredient Snapshot: Nielsen-Massey Vanillas has announced plans to introduce new 2-ounce bottles of its popular Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste and Pure Vanilla Bean Paste at the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show. Crafted from the brand’s famous pure, premium vanilla extracts and infused with real vanilla bean specks, the pastes are also available in 4-ounce, 32-ounce and gallon sizes. The 2-ounce offering reflects shifting consumer preference for smaller, more convenient products and packaging for trial. 

“Our research has shown that retail consumers, especially first-time purchasers, are seeking the option of smaller bottle sizes,” said Bill Bond, vice president of global sales. “Our Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste and Pure Vanilla Bean Paste are widely popular, versatile products with a very strong following from consumers and chefs alike. We are pleased to satisfy this preference, as well as meet growing demand for the flavor benefits of pure vanilla, with these smaller-size bottles.” 

Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon and Pure Vanilla Bean Pastes enable home chefs and bakers to create a gourmet look, feel and flavor in their culinary creations and baked goods, without having to scrape vanilla beans by hand. The pastes have a thick consistency—similar to molasses or honey—which lends a sweet, creamy vanilla flavor to any application. One tablespoon of pure vanilla bean paste is equivalent to one tablespoon of pure vanilla extract, pure vanilla powder and one whole vanilla bean. 

“Our company strives to continuously create innovative products that exceed customer expectations, and we pride ourselves in being at the industry’s forefront,” said Bond. “In the past few years, we have carefully followed changing consumer trends, always seeking to introduce products that address them.” 

Last year, Nielsen-Massey launched single-origin pure vanilla extracts from Uganda and Indonesia in response to growing consumer interest in global flavors. These products added to the company’s existing portfolio of single-origin vanilla products sourced from Madagascar, Mexico and Tahiti, making Nielsen-Massey the first and only brand to offer five single-origin pure vanilla extracts.  

The brand’s 2-ounce Madagascar Bourbon and Pure Vanilla Bean Pastes have a suggested retail price of $19.96 and $17.90, respectively, and will be available to wholesale customers beginning in March 2020. The new products will be introduced at the Winter Fancy Food Show from January 19 – 21, 2020, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Visitors to the Nielsen-Massey booth 5869 can learn more about these new items, and other flavor innovations, while sampling handmade gelato featuring Nielsen-Massey pure vanillas.