Nielsen-Massey Vanillas today announced its charitable arm, the Nielsen-Massey Foundation, has donated nearly $300,000 to a selection of national and local Illinois COVID-19 emergency relief funds that support foodservice industry organizations, small businesses and local workers affected by the pandemic. Founded in 2009, the Nielsen-Massey Foundation is led by third-generation owners Craig, Beth and Matt Nielsen, and their mother, Camilla Nielsen. 

“Foodservice has been a cornerstone of our business for more than a century, and this financial commitment is our way of giving back to those whose livelihoods have been threatened by the pandemic,” said Matt Nielsen, treasurer, Nielsen-Massey Foundation. “We salute our many friends in the foodservice and culinary arts sector during this challenging time, and hope these donations will help sustain their efforts in continuing to inspire and enrich each of our lives through the power of food.” 

Among the foodservice organizations supported by the Foundation include: 

In addition to organizations and relief funds dedicated to the foodservice industry, the Nielsen-Massey Foundation has made donations to several general COVID-19 relief efforts:  

“As an organization that has endured for more than a century and through prior periods of global uncertainty, we remain hopeful that we will all emerge stronger than ever,” said Nielsen. “In the meantime, we are proud to play a role in supporting the organizations doing invaluable work to aid both our neighbors and foodservice establishments and workers during this period.”   

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