Company: Brenton Engineering

Equipment Snapshot: Designed for emerging brands, the M2000 case packer is a user-friendly, small-footprint machine, yet has one of the highest throughput rates in the industry. Developed by Brenton Engineering, a manufacturer of automated case packing technology, this system distinguishes itself by its standardized, predefined modular configurations. Based on a core machine, standardized modules can be added to specifically customize the machine to each application's requirements. Not only does this provide a more optimized approach to customization, but it also reduces commissioning from the standard 32 weeks with conventional case packaging machinery down to 16 weeks. This gives emerging brands an additional four months to be capitalizing on production with their newly installed case-packing system.

The M2000’s maximum output is 35 cases per minute, making it sufficient for higher production uses. This also makes it the fastest device available in a small-footprint format. This top-speed limit is imposed by the process of gluing and sealing flaps, where the amount of compression time begins to approach a critical threshold. In most scenarios, 35 cases per minute is faster than typical upstream processes of filling or bottling, for example. The high output-per-unit footprint of the M2000 makes it one of the highest-operating machines in its class.

The inclusion of built-in recipes gives this case packer easy, fast and reliable operation. These recipes provide the necessary adjustments to produce specific pack patterns per case. Each recipe sets certain specifications which, if not met, will prevent the machinery from starting up and indicate that a certain area needs further adjustment.

The case packer creates high uptime due to fast changeover repeatability using a wireless confirmation system. If a recipe is loaded on the indicator, the machine will not start up unless it is within a number or two of the predetermined range. If the machine is out of alignment, it will protect itself from damage and prevent a potential crash by not starting, while also ensuring the selected recipe is exact. This changeover verification technology lowers a company’s reliance on technicians and instead allows operators to perform quick changeovers. 

The M2000 is an industry standard for energy efficiency, and sustainability. Each drive within the machinery has been sized appropriately for its torque requirements, allowing for lower overall power expenditure. The electronic drives run cleanly without the need for compressed air, representing another source of cost-savings. The small footprint also eliminates gaps that would otherwise require longer conveyance distances. The use of servo-indexing further contributes to the system's efficiency and sensitivity. Servo motors provide intermittent motion within the machine, indexing and keeping track of each cardboard piece through encoding.