Company: BluLine Solutions

Technology Snapshot: Logging your product temperature has never been easier! With Apple’s recent release of a fully functional NFC wireless interface in the latest iOS software, Blulog NFC temperature loggers are now able to be read with both Android AND Apple smart phones.

By downloading the Blutag NFC App onto your iPhone or iPad (iOS 7 and above) from the Apple store, Apple users have access to the temperature and/or humidity data being logged on your Blulog NFC loggers. When the logger is read using Blutag, the temperature/humidity data can be viewed on your smart phone or smart device and a shareable report can be generated directly from your device. The information is sent to the BluConsole cloud-based dashboard through your device’s cellular service or internet connection, which provides global accessibility to your authorized team members. Additionally, when your iPhone location services are enabled, the location of the logger is recorded when scanned and also sent to BluConsole, creating a time/location record as well as temperature data.

The small, lightweight design of the Blulog NFC loggers make them ideal for recording temperatures and temperature/humidity during product transportation. By using the Blutag App, drivers, receivers, and shippers all have immediate access to the product journey information. Drivers and receivers can simply scan the logger with using the Blutag app on their smart phone and immediately see the journey information in addition to viewing the LED status indicators on the logger itself.  Because the information is uploaded to the cloud through the smart phone, shippers and food safety managers can also view the information through BluConsole after the driver or receiver scans the logger. Additionally, there is no time delay between receipt of goods and getting the logger information since it can be scanned before it is even off-loaded.  Receivers do not have to remove the logger from the shipment and take it to a computer to be read, saving time and labor.

The Blutag app is free to Blulog users and does not have any recurring fees associated with its use. It is available from the Apple Store and Google Play (for Andriod).

For more information on BluLine Solutions or Blulog NFC temperature and humidity loggers, please visit or contact 1-800-240-7193.