Company: Marshall Ingredients


Ingredient Snapshot: With apple season in high gear, fresh dried Apple Fiber from Marshall Ingredients is now available to help create cleaner food labels.  Apple fiber from Marshall Ingredients provides a nutrient rich fiber source, valuable vitamins and minerals and physical properties beneficial to numerous food product applications. Food sustainability and cleaner ingredient labels start here.

Apple Fiber has been widely studied for its uses in baking to create dense and rich baked goods through its ability to extend yield through the water retaining ability. It has also been used in specialty meat processing for its binding abilities through the natural pectin, has been used in pasta production, smoothie mixes, food bars, dietary supplements, pet foods, livestock feeds and nutraceuticals as it increases the amount of natural nutrition and provides a superior fiber claim.

A quality source for both soluble and insoluble fibers, Marshall Ingredients Apple Fiber is from local domestic sources, contains natural sugars, and no additives are used in production. With a mild flavor profile, manufacturers can take full advantage of the nutrient and physical properties found in the skins without upsetting particular flavors they may be trying to achieve with certain products.