Company: Old Trapper Smoked Products

Introduced: May 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $21.00 (14-count box)

Product Snapshot: Old Trapper has just put a new spin on the deli-style beef jerky for which it has become renowned. The company’s Beef-n-Cheese Snack Sticks provide the same lean beef, freshest ingredients, and wood-fired smoke that Old Trapper fans have come to love, with the unexpected twist of tasty cheese in the same convenient package. With zero sugar and 7 grams of protein per package, and because they can be taken anywhere without worry of spilling, crumbling or spoiling, the Beef-n-Cheese Snack Sticks are perfect for healthy fall, road-tripping and back-to-school snacking. 

According to an article titled “The Snack Epidemic” in “Parents” magazine, “around-the-clock nibbling is hurting kids’ eating habits – and their health.” More specifically, “today kids typically eat almost three” snacks versus the typical one consumed in the late 1970s. Kids’ activities “have become overrun with chips, cookies and other snacks,” but parents can alter this trend by suggesting healthier snacks or, in the case of older kids, sending healthy snacks they love with them wherever they go. 

Old Trapper is introducing a line of its premium beef sticks that makes accomplishing this goal easier than ever. Beef-n-Cheese Snack Sticks are available now so that kids can start a healthy snack habit just as school is back in session. That way, they will be ready, willing and able to turn down any unhealthy, high-sugar alternatives they encounter. 

Old Trapper’s Beef-n-Cheese Snack Sticks come in two flavors: Original and Jalapeno. The Original variation features a delicious smoked beef stick that is flanked by a stick of satisfying American cheese. The Jalapeno version amps up the spiciness with Jalapeno pepper flavor and a spicy Pepper Jack cheese stick. Whether their beef and cheese are savored together or enjoyed one at a time, Beef-n-Cheese Snack Sticks bring together two different flavors in snacking unity. 

The Beef-n-Cheese double-threat snack sticks from Old Trapper are available for purchase individually in grocery checkout lines and convenience stores nationwide. A 14-count box has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $21.