Company: Old Trapper Smoked Products

Introduced: May 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.39-$1.59

Product Snapshot: With get-out-and-go activities on the horizon, Old Trapper is introducing their single serve 1.75 ounce Beef Sticks as a line extension of the popular 15 oz family size packs. With just one stick inside every individual package, and with 150 calories and 9 grams of protein, Old Trapper’s individual Beef Sticks are perfect for healthy on-the-go snacking wherever outdoor adventures lead. 

According to a recent article published by Viking Masek, a manufacturer of innovative packaging machinery, one big trend in the snack food industry is: “Small is the new big in snack packaging.” The article goes on to point out, “All of these snack packaging formats have one thing in common: They were created to attract and appease a consumer that desires easy, portable, pre-portioned snack foods. We now live in a world of ‘snackification,’ with many consumers replacing large meals with snacks, grazing throughout the day.” 

Old Trapper provides consumers with a convenient, single size of their tasty Beef Sticks in Original, Teriyaki and Jalapeno flavors. Individually wrapped, these sticks fulfill the beef lover’s dream. The product combines the delicious flavor of Old Trapper’s smoked beef and spices for a distinct savory flavor. Low in both carbs and sugar, the individual Beef Sticks also cater to another current snacking trend of consumers moving away from sugary snacks and toward savory snacks higher in protein. 

Old Trapper’s single-serve 1.75 ounce Beef Sticks provide the perfect amount of hunger-satisfying protein in convenient, individually wrapped portion sizes. Whatever the warm weather outing, be it sports, hunting, boating or enjoying Mother Nature, the newest Old Trapper offering goes wherever the action leads. Old Trappers’ individual Beef Sticks are available nationwide with suggested retail pricing of $1.39-1.59.