The results of two studies show that WACKER’s hydroxytyrosol HTEssence has a positive effect on heart health. A recent human clinical study demonstrates that HTEssence is able to reduce LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Reducing LDL has been found to support heart health. This study confirms the positive effects of HTEssence that had been demonstrated in an earlier study. Regarded as a highly effective antioxidant found in olives, hydroxytyrosol may have positive effects on blood pressure, joints and the immune and cardiovascular systems. WACKER manufactures hydroxytyrosol in a patented process that ensures high purity and a precisely defined content.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), some 17.9 million people die of cardiovascular diseases—particularly coronary heart disease and strokes—every year. This makes cardiovascular diseases the No. 1 cause of death worldwide. Risk factors that increase the likelihood of such diseases may be affected by health-conscious habits, with diet playing a key role. In this regard, there is increasing demand for ingredients that promote coronary health.

Hydroxytyrosol is a secondary metabolite considered to be a particularly effective antioxidant. Its reported properties include lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation. In addition, two clinical studies provide proof that WACKER’s hydroxytyrosol HTEssence has a positive effect on LDL cholesterol. In an initial randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in 2018, 29 healthy volunteers consumed 30 mg of hydroxytyrosol per day for a total of four weeks (Siefer et al., 2018, Journal of Nutritional Medicine and Diet Care). In a recent, similarly devised study, 92 healthy volunteers were prescribed 30 mg of hydroxytyrosol a day (Knaub et al., 2020, Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences). This recently completed study lasted three times longer, running for twelve weeks.

HTEssence confirmed to reduce LDL cholesterol

The results of the earlier study had shown a significant reduction of LDL cholesterol in the blood plasma by 9.4 mg/dL with HTEssence. This positive effect has now been confirmed. The results of the second, lengthier study likewise demonstrated a reduction of LDL cholesterol in the blood plasma, this time by 8.5 mg/dL. A high LDL level is one main factor for the occurrence of coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis (see diagram). The US NCEP (National Cholesterol Education Program) estimates that each 1-percent reduction in LDL cholesterol can reduce the risk of heart disease by approximately 1 percent.

WACKER’s patented process makes it possible to synthesize a nature-identical substance of high purity, free of unwanted byproducts, and with a precisely defined hydroxytyrosol content. Available both as an odorless, water-soluble powder and in liquid form, the product is suitable for use in functional foods and dietary supplements, such as tablets, capsules, energy bars and beverages.


CAVAQ10 enhances cardiovascular health

Alongside HTEssence, WACKER’s portfolio features another active ingredient that promotes heart health: CAVAQ10, a coenzyme Q10 cyclodextrin complex. A vitamin-like molecule, coenzyme Q10 is present in various foodstuffs, as well as in every human cell, where its function is to efficiently transform ingested food into energy. What is more, studies demonstrate that CoQ10 protects LDL cholesterol against oxidation, contributes toward cardiovascular health and promotes optimal functioning of the heart muscle. With increasing age, however, the biosynthesis of CoQ10 declines; age-related tissue deficits are associated with this decline. Taking CoQ10 supplements may improve the efficiency of energy production in human heart tissue.

Since coenzyme Q10 does not readily dissolve in water, the body has difficulty in absorbing the active. CAVAQ10® has solved the problem of poor bioavailability: the presence of WACKER’s cyclodextrin allows complexation of the substance which greatly increases bioavailability, approximately 18 times higher than in conventional CoQ10.