Flavor Producers, LLC, has announced a new brand and website that reflects their transformational growth in natural plant-based, organic flavors and extracts through innovative technologies.

“From our roots in California and early innovation with organic flavor development, our team has been a leader in establishing a unique supply chain and pipeline that meets the consumer need for better tasting products that meet health and wellness expectations,” said Michael O’Neill, chief executive officer, who recently joined Flavor Producers. “We are excited to partner with our customers given the challenges the industry has experienced with developing clean label plant-based or certified organic food and beverages. These products require an extensive understanding of the raw material landscape, ongoing regulatory requirements and creative approaches in flavor development to provide both customization and agility” Mr. O’Neill added. The company has invested in technologies to sustain this commitment to transparency, including Rutz, Isoz and Peelz which are featured on the new website. Additional products will be launched later this year.

Beth Warren, chief commercial officer, commented that “it was time to align our image with the unique craft and expertise that our customers experience every day through transparently delicious flavors and extracts. Our new logo and website reflect our unique approach to the evolving and growing consumer demand for plant-based products with greater transparency for consumer food, nutrition, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages,” she said.

The website features two novel ways in flavor selection that are convenient and educational for product developers. Within the Create segment of the new website, Product innovators can create their own flavor sample from a selection of popular flavor groupings including indulgent or berry then customize the sensory attribute levels. The interactive Flavor Profile Guides in the Create segment offer another way to learn more about flavors by exploring a snapshot of popular flavor categories, including Tropical and Botanical, which are organized by feature (i.e. non-GMO, Clean Label, non- allergenic) as well as by type (i.e. Natural, Organic, WONF). The website’s engagement options are convenient to use and provide valuable information to consider at the front end of product innovation. The website also features the unique trend-based product concepts that Flavor Producers provides their customers. Each concept is linked to a trend and inspires creativity by encouraging flavor layering to toy with emotions and add fun. Learn more at www.flavorproducers.com.