Company: Ethel's


Date Introduced: November 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.99

Product Snapshot: Imagine walking into the bakery section at your local supermarket and finding handmade dessert bars that taste as good as—or even better than—your grandmother used to make.

Now a lot more people will be able to do just that. Ethel’s Baking Co. is excited to announce that its dessert bars, which are also gluten-free, are now available for grocery retail nationwide in new single-serve packages and clear multiple bar packs, with a new and improved brand look and feel.

In addition to the brand redesign and expansion of product offerings and distribution, this fall, Ethel’s is opening a new 19,000-square-foot production facility, making it possible to catch up to demand and expand its distribution, while also offering capabilities for new innovation to come.

Handmade with love in small batches, Ethel’s dessert bars are made with local, sustainably sourced ingredients, including hormone-free butter and cage-free eggs, using old-fashioned mixers. Each layer of every bar is baked separately to ensure perfect texture and taste.

Founded by Jill Bommarito of Metro Detroit, Ethel’s is the namesake of her grandmother, Ethel St. John, who taught Jill to bake the old-fashioned way when she was a child. Jill—who is gluten-free and has several family members who suffer from celiac disease—set out to continue her grandma’s legacy with baked goods that everyone around the table could enjoy, without sacrificing taste.  

“I created Ethel’s Baking Co. to spread my Grandma Ethel’s passion for showing love through food. I wanted to do that in a way that would have a real ‘wow factor’ for everyone, both gluten-free and gluten-full eaters alike,” said Jill, Ethel’s Baking Co. CEO and founder. “I built Ethel’s around family from the ground up, and we continue to stay true to that, with my daughter Lily working by my side.”

Ethel’s dessert bars come in six flavors:

  • Pecan Dandy, Ethel’s original bar that’s reminiscent of a pecan pie, with a buttery shortbread crust, topped with handmade caramel and whole pecans.
  • Cinnamon Crumble, which tastes and smells like an old-fashioned cinnamon roll, with cinnamon filling, crumbly streusel and a light, sweet glaze on top of a shortbread crust. Great with an afternoon cup of coffee.
  • Raspberry Crumble, which tastes like a fresh raspberry pastry, is made with Ethel’s signature short-bread crust. Ready for breakfast with coffee or tea.
  • Blondie, with the sweet butter and chocolate of a chocolate chip cookie combined with the indulgence of a moist dense brownie, plus a touch of caramel.
  • Turtle Dandy, with crushed pecans and rich chocolate, layered over toasted pecans, pure caramel and the signature shortbread crust. A rich, indulgent dessert.
  • Brownie, made the traditional way with premium chocolate and real butter for a rich gluten-free brownie that many say remind them of handmade fudge.

All varieties are available in clear fresh tubs (SRP $8.99-$9.99) in the bakery section and most varieties will also be available in the new single serve packs (SRP $2.99).

Founded in 2011, Ethel’s Baking Co. started out as a wholesaler, operating from a leased church kitchen to produce, sell and self-distribute to local grocery stores. Two years later, the company moved into its own facility.

The company’s new facility will create efficiencies, significantly increase production capacity and open the door to 50 new employees. 

Some of the earlier retailers that have carried the bars for years include Plum Market, Whole Foods, Kroger, Bristol Farms, Fresh Thyme, and Market of Choice. The brand has expanded distribution across Lipari, Kehe, Tony’s, and UNFI. Due to its success in Whole Foods Midwest and Canadian regions, the brand was expanded into all Northern California, Mid Atlantic and now Southern Pacific Whole Foods stores. After selling into some Meijer test stores, Ethel’s dessert bars were expanded into all Meijer locations this past summer.

Ethel’s bars are also available online at and