RADAR PROCESS, a business in ingredient handling for the food, pet food and nutraceutical industries, has announced a collaboration agreement with Cardinal Process Solutions to represent Radar Process in the U.S. market. Cardinal Process Solutions CEO, Alberto Rodríguez, with more than 25 years of experience in the material handling sector, will be heading up the effort to succeed in this milestone moment.

This decisive move towards development of its business worldwide is the natural continuation of the strategy led by Radar Process' Export Manager, Manuel Rodríguez in North America, which began 3 years ago with the establishment of Radar's regional office in Mexico City.

"The great quality and competitive price that we are offering in the last few years will be highly valued in the first world market," says Federico Riera-Marsá, member part of the ownership of Radar Process.

Radar Process, founded in 1974 in Barcelona (Spain), boasts over 40 years of experience providing comprehensive solutions to global customers in the handling, automation, and dosing of solid and liquid ingredients. It acquired a new shareholder base in 2001 providing a high degree of energy and investment, resulting in a 2-digit increase in turnover in several years. The company combines excellence in developing cost-effective technical solutions exhibiting great adaptability to the client needs, along with a utilization of the most advanced technology in automation.