Large snack food companies must double down on carbon emissions at every level if they want green credibility. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainability and reducing environmental impact are becoming ever more critical to consumers’ perceptions of brands. Leading data and analytics company GlobalData’s most recent consumer survey reports that 41 percent* of European consumers consider a reduced environmental footprint to be more important now than before the pandemic. Likewise, 42 percent* of European consumers said the COVID-19 pandemic has made ethical or sustainable production methods more important to them.

Ryan Whittaker, consumer analyst at GlobalData, explains: “Brands shouldn’t dismiss the issue of CO2 emissions. According to GlobalData, while Gen Xers and Millennials worldwide reported the most interest in products that lower environmental footprints in the wake of the pandemic, it has grown as a priority for all age groups. It is a significant and pervasive effect and not an issue that is going to go away.”

One company looking to benefit from this trend is SnackFutures, which developed carbon neutral cracker NoCOé.

Whittacker adds: “Other snack brands should take notes from this product launch. SnackFutures has designed this product to translate climate change into something with a real physical presence, something that empowers consumers to be able to proactively contribute towards environmental protection: by choosing products with sustainable, shorter supply chains and carbon neutrality credentials. Consumers want to buy into a vision of a better world after the pandemic and will support companies in the service of that goal.”

* COVID-19 recovery tracker consumer survey – Europe – December, 7 combining answers “It is now my top priority” “significantly more important than before” “slightly more important than before”