According to an Oct. 2020 “Cold Chain Market: Global Forecast to 2025” report from MarketsandMarkets, the global cold chain market size for refrigerated and frozen foods is estimated at a value of $233.8 billion in 2020, with growth projected to reach $340.3 billion by 2025, recording a CAGR of 7.8 percent. A key component to this growth is advancement of new technologies.

The report notes that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed demand for cold chain warehousing and distribution. One of the key benefits resulting from adopting refrigerated or frozen warehousing and distribution is potentially extending product shelf life, a benefit to shoppers seeking to store more perishable foods like some snacks and baked goods for longer periods for increased food security.

In its report, MarketsandMarkets notes bakery and confectionery are among the fastest-growing segments in the global cold chain market, noting that accurate temperature monitoring and control is a key aspect of quality control and food safety for select bakery and confectionery products, including bread, cakes, pastries, pizza crusts, waffles, biscuits, cookies, pastry shells, bagels, pretzels, and doughnuts.

As this market continues to grow, the need for relevant and associated technologies will continue to help snack producers and bakery companies adopt increased cold storage and distribution.


COMPANY: Crown Equipment


LOGISTICS SNAPSHOT: “Crown Equipment’s V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage System (ESS) offers a practical alternative power source for forklifts, especially for multi-shift operations utilizing opportunity charging,” says Todd Fleck, director, parts and motive power, Crown Equipment, New Bremen, OH. “The ESS is fully integrated with the forklift for flexibility, scalability, and convenience. The integration allows the truck to display battery discharge levels and alert the operator through an early warning system before truck operation is stopped. For cold storage applications in particular, the system provides a performance advantage by better maintaining battery voltage and capacity as temperatures drop.”

Other Features Include:

  • The system includes a modular V-Force charger, as well as a battery management system that extends battery life by preventing operation outside of warrantied conditions

  • The V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems are ideal for multi-shift operations, because they readily accept frequent opportunity charging at high recharge rates throughout each shift, without risking any damage to the battery

  • The system’s built-in heater helps maintain optimum battery temperature, which enables consistent truck performance and run times in cold temperature applications

  • Compared to lead-acid batteries, the improved efficiency and longer run time of lithium-ion technology can save substantial time and money through increased productivity, smarter use of resources and a lower cost of ownership

  • Lithium-ion technology virtually eliminates the time-consuming and hazardous maintenance and service tasks associated with lead-acid batteries


COMPANY: Swisslog


LOGISTICS SNAPSHOT: “PowerStore from Swisslog is an automated, high-density shuttle storage and retrieval system used for deep lane storage of palletized loads,” says Mohan Ramankutty, senior director of design, sales and consulting, Swisslog Americas, Mason, OH. “Adaptable in size and shape, the automated system can be implemented using existing space to maximize density and efficiency in an existing facility. It is an ideal pallet shuttle solution for warehouses with low ceilings, fewer unique products, and higher throughput requirements. This is especially important for the cold chain, where companies are under pressure to keep up with consumer demands as they look to increase storage density within existing space to maximize cooling efficiency.”

Other Features Include:

  • PowerStore can perform in a wide range of temperature zones, including deep freeze environments (-22° to 113°F)

  • Fast and reliable, the system processes orders efficiently and stores up to 60 percent more pallets compared to conventional storage

  • PowerStore can deliver throughput of up to 200 pallets per hour per module

  • Flexible and modular, the system can be individually tailored for all shapes and sizes of warehouse buildings and allows for easy addition of extra modules

  • Sustainable and competent, PowerStore, which is installed in 25 locations worldwide, offers low energy consumption that leads to reduced operational costs

  • PowerStore control software is fully integrated in Swisslog’s SynQ suite of warehouse management software and designed to work seamlessly with customers’ WMS and host systems