Company: Every Body Eat


Introduced: April 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.49-$5.99

Product Snapshot: Start-up Every Body Eat, is changing the game for people with special diets, and features products free from the top 14 allergens and corn. Now every body can eat, together, regardless of dietary restriction or preference. This week, the company is debuting Every Body Eat grain free crispbreads—a category game changer—a flavorful addition to every meal and a sure to please addition to any charcuterie board.

Every Body Eat quietly introduced their first offering, Every Body Eat snack thins, while simultaneously raising more than $3M since the onset of the pandemic. Today, their flavorful, craveable snacks are available online at,, and at over 500 select retailers nationwide including local Whole Foods, Mariano’s, Kowolski’s, and Lund’s & Beyrley’s. More than 75 percent of the brand’s repeat customers online have purchased 3x or more.

Sixty percent of US families now include someone with a special diet—a medically-mandated dietary restriction (food allergies, intolerance, autoimmune disease, diabetes) or dietary preference (kosher, vegan, pegan, paleo, keto). Customized eating is now the norm, not a trend. But until now, most free from food doesn’t have the same flavor or texture found in other foods, and/or only removes one or two inflammatory ingredients or allergens. (Note: 30% of people with food allergies, have issues with more than one food.)

All that changes with Every Body Eat. The brand’s crave able, crunchy Every Body Eat® thins come in four delicious flavors (Cheese-Less, Sea Salt Chia, Chive & Garlic, Fiery Chili Lime) while their brand new grain free crispbreads come in three (Sea Salt, Tart Cherry, White Pepper & Garlic) all completely free from the 14 most common troubling food ingredients and corn. All products are also vegan and pegan friendly, grain free, gluten free, modified AIP, and Non GMO.

Every Body Eat exists to give every body a seat at the table—literally and figuratively. Co-founded by serial entrepreneur, Trish Thomas, and former big food executive, Nichole Wilson. This rapidly growing, women owned and minority led business is making a difference with their food, and their approach to business. Fifty percent of the company’s outside investors are women, and 54% of their total capital has come from investors of color led by Don Thompson’s Cleveland Avenue CAST US fund.

Upon meeting, founders Nichole and Trish immediately bonded through shared experience with dietary restrictions. In order to manage an autoimmune disease, Trish, a 4x founder, Entrepreneurship Lecturer at Northwestern University’s Farley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and mother of two sons and four stepsons, had been coping with dietary restrictions and the frustrating isolation that it brought to her social life. Nichole, a veteran R&D leader at Frito-Lay, was eternally disappointed with the taste profiles of the “dairy free” snack choices available to her lactose intolerant kids. Seeing the need of their families unmet elsewhere, they committed to creating food that every body could eat. Creating a brand that merged great taste with an inclusive eating experience.

In 2018, when the duo first presented the problem and their solution to a large food company, they were told “it would be too difficult” to make great tasting food without the top 14 allergens or corn. Not taking “No” for an answer they spent the next year developing and testing a portfolio of delicious food products that appealed to all people, with or without special diets. After building their own commercial kitchen in Evanston (when no manufacturer could guarantee no cross contact with the ingredients their customers needed to avoid) the company officially launched Every Body Eat in March of 2020.

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