new whitepaper from GS1 US has just been released, explaining how circular, resilient supply chains are critical for meeting the shifting needs of pandemic-era consumers.

A few key insights from the paper include:

  • The future of resilient supply chains is circular – The pandemic has exacerbated supply chain vulnerabilities that have resulted from linear, hyper-optimized operational models. In response, many companies have accelerated their implementation of technology solutions to stay ahead of disruption.   
  • A bridge is needed between physical products and their digital identities – Standards are critical to help form this bridge. QR codes, for example, will be foundational to delivering in-demand product information to consumers, whenever and wherever they want it.  
  • Four critical supply chain challenges need attention – Materials and Resource Scarcity; Lack of Visibility and Traceability; Product Counterfeits; and Compromised Worker and Consumer Safety.