Cheez-It turns 100 this year, and Kellogg believes an epic birthday calls for a legendary cake. Not just any cake, but a creation from a fellow Cheez-It-obsessed superfan, TV personality, and award-winning chef. Introducing: The Cheez-It Cheez-Itennial Cake by Chef Stephanie Izard.

Available nationwide for a limited time on Goldbelly, the Cheez-Itennial Cake is bursting with an entire box of Cheez-It crackers, from the ground Cheez-It flour in the batter to the Cheez-It shortbread crumble between each layer. The cake is balanced to salty-sweet perfection with swirls of caramel throughout and chocolate-covered Cheez-It crackers popping out the top to join the party.

"To celebrate the 100 percent real-cheese cracker that fans have been enjoying for 100 years, Cheez-It needed an absurdly cheesy way to kick off the celebration. We couldn't think of a better way than to give fans the ultimate cheesy take on birthday cake," said Jeff Delonis, senior director of marketing for Cheez-It. "Chef Stephanie Izard was the perfect partner to help us bring this absurdly satisfying creation to life, and we can't wait for fans to celebrate by trying the cake for themselves."

The limited-edition Cheez-Itennial Cake will be available online via Goldbelly, the popular online food marketplace that connects the most iconic regional and local restaurants to consumers around the country. Beginning May 17, 2021 at 12 p.m. EDT and running through May 20, 2021, fans can head to Goldbelly ( for a chance to purchase one of the coveted Cheez-Itennial Cakes. A limited supply will be released each day, and available on a first come-first-serve basis, so be sure to check back daily!

"100 years isn't enough time to tell you how much I love Cheez-It crackers," said Chef Stephanie Izard. "My own wedding cake was inspired by Cheez-It, which ultimately led to a variety of Cheez-It menu items at our new bakery, Sugargoat. I can't wait for our fans to try the Cheez-Itennial Cake…it's sweet, tangy, and, of course, cheesy! Trust me, if you're as obsessed with Cheez-It as I am, this one's for you."

A look back: history of Cheez-It

Cheez-It was created in the spring of 1921, in Dayton, Ohio. Even back then, this small but mighty treat defied all expectations of a typical cracker. With its vibrant, orange color, its distinctive taste that's just the right balance of tangy, sweet, and salty, and its crunchy texture, Cheez-It proved to be a true original. A century later, this uniquely satisfying snack continues to be a snack-time staple for cheese heads of all ages. Over the years, Cheez-It has introduced new flavors, sizes, and formats of Cheez-It to the world, while remaining committed to making Cheez-It crackers with 100 percent real cheese.

For more information, follow @CheezIt on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or via the hashtag #CheezItTurns100. Be sure to check out Stephanie Izard's social pages as well for more Cheez-Itennial Cake behind-the-scenes imagery and details at @StephanieIzard on Instagram.