Summer just got more entertaining for the whole family with Cheez-It introducing "Cheez-It Puff'd-A-Palooza": an eight-stop, 15-day mobile tour at select National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) races and Major League Soccer (MLS) matches complete with absurdly uplifting experiential activations celebrating the cheesy, puffy, and airy greatness of new Cheez-It Puff'd.

Launched earlier this year, Cheez-It Puff'd is a crazy-craveable, puffy, and airy snack baked with 100% real cheese inside and out that's perfect for any family snack occasion.

Visitors of the Cheez-It Puff'd-A-Palooza mobile tour stops have the opportunity to taste Cheez-It Puff'd samples, win fun prizes, and participate in engaging activities that the whole family can enjoy, including:

  • The Cheez-It Puff'd Lighter-Than-Air Guitar Show: The ultimate Air Guitar experience complete with a custom Cheez-It Puff'd inflatable guitar and a special 360-degree camera that captures the rockstar jam sessions. Each participant walks away with their own slow-motion, 360-degree digital keepsake of their Air Guitar performance that can be shared on social media.
  • The Cheez-It Puff'd Run: A 30' long inflatable obstacle course where fans can hop from airy Cheez-It Puff'd obstacles from start to finish. Whether fans make it to the finish line or wipeout on the first Cheez-It Puff'd, there's no doubt families will enjoy the Cheez-It Puff'd Run. Come and cheer fans to the finish line!
  • The Cheez-It Puff'd Goal: A 13' tall inflatable soccer goal with an extra challenging twist to the classic game: the soccer balls are swapped with lighter-than-air Cheez-It Puff'd balls.
  • The Toss A Cheez-It Puff'd Game: An interactive toss game for fans to toss puffy and airy Cheez-It Puff'd inflatables to land in a hole.

"After introducing families to new Cheez-It Puff'd earlier this year, we wanted to provide fans a multi-sensory experience inspired by the cheesy, airy, puffy greatness Cheez-It Puff'd offers," said Erin Storm, senior marketing director for Cheez-It. "NASCAR and MLS fans are ready for an exhilarating time when they arrive, and Cheez-It Puff'd-A-Palooza gets them in on the action, while also providing an absurdly uplifting pre-race and pre-match snack."

The Cheez-It Puff'd-A-Palooza mobile tour kicks off on June 19, with activations at select MLS matches and NASCAR races in Nashville, TN; Orlando, FL; Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX; Austin, TX; Brooklyn, MI; and Richmond, VA.

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